Winter Wonderland at Lonesome Lake


Welcoming forest,

Woods I had not forgotten,

And likewise, I know.20161211_133015

Waiting for me there,

My most favorite tree friends,

The winter birches. 20161211_141548

“It is time for cheer!”

They say to me as I pass,

“Look ahead, small one!”20161211_142023

In the deepest woods,

Blanketed by floating snow,

In winter magic. 20161211_142413

The sun has not set,

On our happy time just yet,

So no need to sigh.


Crossing a river,

Is just a small reminder,

Flowing memories.20161211_143319

We stood reverently –

Purest of Sanctuaries,

The Gates to Heaven.


I know you passed here;

This is how I will find you,

In Glorious Time.