Red Rock Canyon


Bold rocks that stand strong,

Revealing every moment,

Compressed in pressure.20161119_125840

Prism of mountains,

Like a light spread through diamonds,

Kissing the heavens.


Dip-dyed and patterned

In the highest of fashion,

Haute-couture ranges.20161119_124753

Can we disagree?

(Though some rocks will never move,

And skies never clear.)20161119_124611

Even in the past,

There was a string connection,

Holding hand to hand.


Along the red road,


I feel fire in my soul,

Hopefully passion. 20161119_123507

I want this power,

This indescribable strength,

To hold my mind still.


A solid boulder,

Protecting a single thought,

For eternity.


Wistful sky above,

Never to know the hard weight,

Of a long-kept thought. 20161119_122031

Sentinels, soldiers,

Lining the Red Rock passage,

In proud lineage.


If only we had,

A thousand years of climbing,

And a thousand rocks. 20161119_121842

Sometimes I feel tired,

And I would like to lay down,

In these quiet coves.20161119_121656

Inside honeycombs,

Sweet wishes wind around rocks,

A golden river.

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